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Geocaching Souvenir’s

Ontario Geocaching Souvenir
Ontario Geocaching Souvenir

I just received an email that I have a new souvenir. And there it is. My Ontario souvenir for all to see! One of many new souvenirs coming out.

Souvenirs or Badges as I like to call them are ways to show off some of your accomplishments.

I recently received an email stating that a souvenir I voted for is coming to light soon. 100 trackable logs.

I think it is kind of cool that Ground Speak has decided to create all of these souvenirs as a reflection of your accomplishments. It seems that just about every social website includes some sort of token to show your accomplishments.

The full sized image of the Ontario Souvenir.
The full sized image of the Ontario Souvenir.

Watch for lots of new souvenirs coming soon!

About Souvenirs.

Vote for Souvenirs and more info about souvenirs at Customer Feedback for Geocaching.com.

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