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How Hard is a 5 Terrain Geocache?

How hard should a 5 terrain geocache be? Should it be almost dangerous? Should it require gear?

By definition from Geocaching.com, a 5 terrain rating for a cache requires the use of specialized equipment such as climbing gear or a canoe.

Tree Geocache
It’s WAY up there. Yes. Geocaches are in trees too!

But what if a cache is very high in a tree and you can’t use specialized gear? The cache is so high that climbing gear would not be able to attach to anything. Yet the branches are getting so thin at that point they feel like they are going to snap off. Would that then constitute a rating of 4.5 instead of 5? As much as you would love to be able to use some climbing gear, there just isn’t anywhere to hook it. But the height has even the best of them trembling in their shoes.

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