Ontario Test Bed For Group Caching Events

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Group Geocaching test bed in Ontario Canada

Not so long ago, geocachers wondered why a group of cachers organizing a day of caching could not create an event to invite more people. Well, for a limited time this is now possible.

The Ontario reviewers got together and discussed using Ontario as a test bed. The idea of creating an event for group caching has limitless possibilities. It encourages a community of cachers to come together to enjoy each others company while hiking the trails, or the urban sprawl laid out before them.

In my opinion, this is long overdue. After all, GroundSpeak encourages events. This will bring together even more.

One group that goes out on a monthly basis that I have had the pleasure of joining is GHMGC. It is always a fun filled day with friends and I have always met someone new. GHMGC has always used facebook as a tool to announce their events. Now adding an event on geocaching.com will be another tool in Res2100”s toolbox to help spread the word.

Groundspeak will allow group caching event listings in Ontario until December 31st and will limit the amount of events in one area. All the same rules apply to posting a group caching event as you would for a regular event. They will also be reviewing the logs for these events, so please keep it clean and praise these events as best you can.rnrnI look forward to this being a new way to create events and hope I can organize one of my own soon. Maybe there will be a new event icon in the future? We can only speculate!

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