Rechargeable Batteries

Geocaching? Bring Batteries!

Sometimes it never fails. Your out in the bush, on the trail or in the middle of town geocaching, you’ve seen a new cache pop up on your cell phone (instant notifications from So you pull out your trusty gps and start popping in the co-ordinates. Your in a rush to get that First to [...] Logo

Ontario Test Bed For Group Caching Events

Not so long ago, geocachers wondered why a group of cachers organizing a day of caching could not create an event to invite more people. Well, for a limited time this is now possible. The Ontario reviewers got together and discussed using Ontario as a test bed. The idea of creating an event for [...]
British Columbia Highway Sign

Ministry of Transportation Bans Geocaches in British Columbia

I have been reading lately about more areas banning geocache placements. British Columbia Ministry of Transportation has sent a request to Ground Speak to NOT ban caches along it”s highways but to NOT PUBLISH any new caches. But in the mean time it seems that Ground Speak reviewers have taken it to [...]
Flooded River

Flash Flood season is upon us!

Melting snow, rain storms and warm winds are starting to appear in Southern Ontario. Rivers and tributaries are going to change drastically. It’s time to be aware that those geocaching hikes next to rivers may end up not being a dry one. River waters can rise in minutes. What looks like a warm [...]
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